The Original Titanium Pen -- The Ti-Pen™

Ti-Pen FAQ

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Yes, the mark left behind is permanent and will withstand reheating up to 1500 degrees.

The Ti-Pen™ is not a scribe, therefore you are not scratching or grinding your glass, potentially weakening it or worse breaking it. Signing your work and how you chose to do it is preference, the Ti-Pen™ is another option for you to choose from.

With the Ti-Pen™ you will not need to apply much pressure at all to get a good signature, once the tip is used a little it will get easier each time.

Getting the surface wet allows the Ti-Pen™ to slide more freely across the surface of the glass allowing you the ability to leave a free flowing result.

Not much at all, just touch the tip to your tongue before making contact with the glass. If you use this method it is best to have something to clean the glass off if your signing in front of a customer they tend to look at you funny if you don't.

Yes, the signature shows up on all of the colors available to us, depending on how similar the color it may not stand out as much.

Yes, please visit our Distribution page where you'll find links to our current participating distributors.

Yes, We are full time lampworkers, that is not changing. I have taken some time away from the torch after a very busy winter, to develop the Ti-Pen, to make sure that it would be made affordably and all parts would be made to spec. Thank you for looking into the Ti-Pen™ we take pride in your interest. All parts are proudly made in the US by artists for artists.

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