The Original Titanium Pen -- The Ti-Pen™

Ti-Pen Testimonials


“When it comes to signing my marbles and pendants the Titanium Pen works best for me. It leaves a nice smooth signature, no scratches, so it doesn’t take away from the piece. Also with the small tip that’s available on these pens, I am able to make a very small signature, this seems to really appeal to my customers.”
Christopher Rice – Central New York Glass Studio –

“As a lampworker who signed her sculptures for 33 years I learned first hand what a benefit that extra step was in my sales. As a beadmaker, I was asked if I signed my work, but it hadn’t occurred to me to sign beads until I found Jim at Aspen Glass and his awesome titanium pens for signing glass artwork. The pen tip is delicate enough for signing smaller items and won’t take away from the piece itself. I take my pen with me to shows for those who would like the beads signed in person. Thank you Jim for creating such as wonderful tool for anyone who wishes to personalize their work.”
Vicki Lee – Vicki Lee Studios – *no current website

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