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Ti-Pen Tips For The Lefties Out There

Tuesday, September 29th, 2015

Wanted to pay some respects to the left handed glassblowers, pipemakers, lampworkers, beadmakers, marblemakers, slumpers (we all seem to refer to ourselves as something different).

Once in a while I will hear about someone having a difficult time getting used to using The Ti-Pen and it usually ends up just being that they are left handed.

The main suggestion is to adjust the angle of The Ti-Pen in your hand or the angle of your wrist and see how that works. Writing on a curved surface such as a glass marble or bead can be tricky at first. Start with a very small signature, it will help you control your lines better in the beginning.

*Side note- On The Ti-Pen, the words The Ti-Pen USA are “right side up” when held in the left hand. That is a small tip of the hat to my dad who is also a lefty.*

Many very creative folks are left handed Josh Opdenaker is one of them. You can check him out on Instagram here

J.O.P. Glass

Thank you for checking out and for taking the time to read this!!




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